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Our server packages are designed to satisfy a few different types of customer. From small to large, there is something here for you. We can also build your custom configuration.
  • Core i5 655k
  • 8GB DDR3 Memory
  • 80GB Intel X-25M SSD
  • 8GB DDR3 Memory
  • 10Mbps Dedicated BW
  • $299 per month
  • Performance
    • Intel Xeon 3530
    • 12GB DDR3 Memory
    • 320GB SATA II HDD
    • 80GB Intel X-25M SSD
    • 100Mbps Dedicated BW
    • The best of both worlds.
  • $499 per month
  • Extreme Power
    • Based on Intel 5000P
    • 6U Blade Server Chassis
    • 14 SAS Drive Bays
    • 12 GigE Ports
    • 4x Power Redundancy
    • RAID 0/1/5/6/10 Ready
    • This is one of many possible hardware set ups. The sky is the limit.
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  • Our close relationship with the manufacturer ensures a package for every budget.

    We have several rack space combos for you to choose and we are always happy to create a custom quote.
    • Value Pack
    • Growth Pack
    • Monster Pack
    • Rack Space
    • Bandwidth
    • Power
    • Setup Fee
    • Monthly

    24/7 Monitoring and Support

    ISD friendly tech staff is always on watch, monitoring the overall network from the core routers, all the way down to the server level. If you need help, you can call direct or log into our customer portal to create a ticket.

    Engineered Solutions

    Our sales agents are true geeks who have a passion for keeping up on the latest tech trends. They can build a solution to help you reach your goals, whether that means ultimate performance or trimming your bottom line.

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